Early 20th Century Ornithological Cabinet

Comes complete with various real examples of eggs, bird vertebrae, etc.

42cm x 31cm x 21cm
Complete collection 150 euro
Early 20th Century Smith-Corona Typewriter
Sold as is, made in the United States of America.
24m x 44cm x 58cm
45 euro

19th Century Antelope Trophy

Victorian era taxidermy mount of an African antelope.

45cm x 49cm x 71cm

550 euro.


Antique Vibrator Kit

1920’s vibrator kit made from bakelite plastic, complete with storage box and mirror, and various heads.

26cm x 13cm x 10cm

195 euro


Mid 20th Century Globe

This metal globe sits on a sturdy wooden brace, and dates from the mid-20th Century (c1940’s).

21cm x 14cm x 14cm

35 euro


Stations of the Cross

Full set of the stations of the Cross from an Irish Catholic church, produced in the early 20th Century. Sold as is.

60cm x 95cm

1000 euro for the set.


1800’s Dutch-Indonesian Travel Cases

h x b x d

M: 22cm x 58 x 31cm

L: 23cm 63cm x 37cm

Price on request.

Recovered Shipwreck Cannonballs

From Irish Sea.

h x b x d

24cm x 20cm x 18cm