Gift Ideas

Assorted Vintage Signs

Various sizes.

From 25 euro


Poitín (Irish Moonshine) Stils

Used in the production of poitín, a traditional kind of Irish moonshine.

36cm x 36cm x 30cm

45 euro


Assorted Signs

h x b x d

c. 60cm x 2cm x 60cm


Ceramic Grenade Money Bank

h x b x d

45cm x 20cm x 20cm


Robot Money Banks

h x b x d

12cm x 7cm x 7cm



Studded Piggy Bank

Handmade money bank.

h x b x d

24cm x 15cm x 20cm


Rocket Vase

h x b x d

20cm x 10cm x 10cm


Assorted Letters

Metal or wood, various sizes and colours.

€10 – €25


Balinese Reproduction Buddha’s Head

Suitable for garden decoration.

h x b x d

32cm x 24cm x 24cm