Army Storage Cabinets
c.26cm x 17cm x 40cm
From 35 euro each.

Vintage German Ammunition Case

h x b x d

33cm x 22cm x 58cm



Vintage Steel Storage Box

h x b x d

35cm x 28cm x 15cm


Assorted Vintage Royal Air Force Metal Ammunition Containers

h x b x d

(Various sizes)


Vintage Chinese Food Stores 

Made from recycled metal goods.

h x b x d

L: 50cm x 36cm x 25cm

S: 37cm x 25cm x 23cm


Vintage Javanese Food Stores

Suitable for use with small candles and the like.

h x b x d

40cm x 24cm x 24cm


Chinese Ceramic Vinegar Pots

h x b x d

36cm x 26cm x 26cm


Chinese Ginger Pots

Painted finish.

h x b x d

137cm x 55cm x 58cm

€350 each

Vintage Teak Ship Storage Box

h x b x d

34cm x 44cm x 99cm


Vintage Teak Cabinet

h x b x d

92cm x 183cm x 53cm

Price on request.

Inlayed Exterior Storage Box

h x b x d

7cm x 31cm x 21cm

Various, price on request.